17th to 21st August Maasai Mara 4 nights Safari in Mara Bush Camp.


This was 5 days & 4 nights Safari and our home was Mara Bush Camp for all those days. I picked from the airport at around 11 am and transferred to Eka hotel. The following day I drove straight to the famous renowned Maasai Mara arriving in time for lunch at Mara bush Camp.

We were out for a short drive that evening, everything concerning the trip, the pictures will tell the story of the entire Safari.


Our evening game drive was short and also as an introduction to Mara, the plains were covered by wildebeest and a topi surveying the area, we also got a chance to see some lioness. And were lucky to get a picture on a golden light plus a cool sunset was there to end a wonderful day in Africa.

The following day we went out with picnic breakfast very early in the morning and this was our first sighting. Amani and her 3 fully grown up cubs.

The cubs were now fully grown and their Mum was almost living them as they were only some weeks away to 18 months when the mother lives them alone. Buy this time she knows they can hunt and survive by themselves.

We continued to Olkeju rongai to see a pride of lions; we saw them from fur as it wasn’t good photographically, though we managed to get a picture of the two cubs close to us.

We took our picnic breakfast and started driving back to the lodge. On our way we encountered the following general game

A silver backed Jackal

Zebras rolling on the ground so as to maintain their coat.

An old bull Buffalo with a red billed Oxpecker on top of his head.

The evening drive was super cool as I saw my first sighting of Elephants Mating, while the rest of the family was just having a look.

As I started driving back to the Camp, I spotted a lioness coming out of the bushes, and walking towards the golden light.

I drove a head and waited for her as she was heading to a specific direction. She come passed the jeep onto my side and started looking around. The light was just golden and Magical.

Our day come to an end with a cool sunset and the wildebeest behind

The following day we were out as usual hunting for best sightings and cool picture and indeed we got super cool once .and this was our first spot Elephant saying jambo to one of our safari jeeps.

We proceeded to main crossing looking for other cats in Action, And we were lucky to see the legendary Scarface one of the Maskerteers boys dominating the Mara for so many years.

The boy was not in good shape as he was limping he got an injury from his back leg and since his pride was not around he hard to look for other means of feeding himself.

He went down to Mara river and drugged a baby wildebeest that had drowned in the river while crossing.

Since it was too smelly he hard to drag it to some tall grass around, for the carcass to dry before consuming it. The good news is he recovered and his now doing well on the other side of the river.

Before heading back we were lucky to witness a crossing, it was the best to view because of the big numbers but photographically not good though we managed to get some story telling pictures.

That evening was also cool with some lions sighting of young cubs.

And a lioness was there to end our day in paradise while playing with some insects disturbing her.

Our last night in Mara was not that busy we were going on hunt for Mr Leopard. And we were lucky to spot Lorian daughter in Olkeju Rogai . she spent almost the all day on the ditch as she hard a kill down there.

We continued on our full day game drive to other parts of the Mara viewing all types of game mostly general. And these are the pictures i would like to share.

Common drongo

Vultures on a kill and later they went down to dry themselves by opening their wings.

Maasai giraffe covering his hot body from the rays of the Sun under a balanite tree.

We were now getting late so we started heading back to camp slowly, and these is our day come to an end with a lovely sun downer.

Our last morning drive was beautiful with a great sighting of a pride of lions close to double crossing.

We stayed with them for some time, and they started heading back slowly to cover themselves on the bushes because of the Sun.

Our safaris come to an end with a great stay with olive baboons grooming themselves.








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