22nd to 25th July 2016, three nights and four nights’ safari Samburu National Park.


I was privilege to host part of the Safari for this big Kenyan Italian photographer in northern Kenya then they flew to Mara to continue with the rest of the Safari.

I picked from Serena hotel and drove straight to Samburu National park arriving in time for lunch followed by an evening game drive.

The other two days that followed our program was like this, early morning game drive with parked breakfast. Then back for lunch then out again for an evening game drive.


It’s that time to let pictures tell us the story, as they are arranged according to time and mostly days and also depending on sights.

As we went out for the evening game drive, we mostly encountered general game, but after a few minutes we found ourselves in the river where we were entertain by a herd of Elephants

Though our attention was drawn to two young bulls that were fighting close to the river, and this is how our day comes to an end


We were out at six Am and this was our first sighing, lioness on the walk on the Sandy terrain of Samburu National park.

We continued to the river and we encountered general game there. Before doing our bush breakfast we saw one lioness on the banks of the river and it gave us some great opportunities to photograph.

Right after breakfast we witness a herd of Elephants drinking water and afterwards they come to cross the river, it was just magical.

After the crossing we drove along the river and we found some lioness on the bushes close to the river. They looked angry though they was no animal to hunt this time.

We drove back to the lodge along the river and we saw some Elephants crossing to the other side of Buffalo springs National Park.

We didn’t have much to photograph during the evening game drive, though it was nice to view. But we had a chance to photograph the mane less lions of Samburu and Vulturine guinea fowl.

Our last day was great as we stared with the leopard sighting. The park is also known for its great leopard sightings.

We went on to observe some general game and later on we found another leopard from fur guarding its meal on top of a tree. This was as we went for lunch.

Later on the evening we had a cool sighting of lioness on the banks of the river trying to hunt. And closing our day was the Samburu classic picture.



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