1st to 4th August, 3 nights and 4 days Safari. Nakuru Sarova 1 night & 2 nights Ilkeleani Mara


This was a family Safari for the Marshall family; it was not a photo Safari though I got great opportunities to capture some great pictures.

We picked this great family from the oldest hotel in Nairobi and drove straight to Nakuru Sarova arriving in time for lunch followed by an afternoon drive. It was an overnight but one of the best with tree climbing lions.

The following morning we drove straight to Mara arriving in good time for lunch, followed by an evening game drive. We went for another drive the following day for a full day with picnic lunch, and for sure it were lucky with sighting

Check my gallery with pictures evidence on how great our Safari was.


A Grey Crown Crane and a Dominant Male Impala was our first sighting as we were going for lunch in the lodge.

The first hour of our evening game drive was quite as we saw some Alpha olive Baboons and one male lion on top of the Mountain.

As we were going back I spotted two lionesses walking towards a tree they like climbing. What I did is just getting closer to the tree and position the jeep. The first lioness come, it struggle to get to the top of the tree, scan the area and sat on the branch relaxing.

We changed our gears and started concentrating on the other lioness with the cubs coming. The cubs were too playful and their Mum come straight and climbs the tree living them down.


She goes up to the position in which her sister was and gave us look, after wards proceed much higher to enjoy her comfort. The cubs were funny as they also tried to go up but were and able.

Maasai Mara was great as usual but this time round, it was not the best photographically, though this was our sightings for the evening game drive. General game, giraffe, wildebeest, and lioness on the bush, plus sunset and the giraffe.

The following day we went up to Mara River for some hippos, we found them and a couple of lions on the way plus the African fish Eagle giving us a pose.  Not forgetting a family of Elephants.

Lastly we lucky to see two leopards, this was bahati and her cub, it was a log search and really what I can say hard work pays, enjoy the pictures.

The largest antelope was around too saying goodbye. Eland





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