Birding in Kenya.

Kenya is home to 1089 species of birds meaning that we are the leading in the continent with most species. And we are coming second world wide with the most species. Enjoy more of this pictures from my gallery.


Vultures on a kill

We have 3 types of vultures lappet faced, the harassing guy on the middle, griffons and white backed on the right being chased away.They all have different task on a kill depending with the size and types of their bills most of the time the lappet being the first in case the kill is UN open maybe just died due to natural calamities.
Vulture is a Latin name Vulturous meaning a large rapacious bird.

Little bee-eater

Little bee-eater on an acacia tree in lake Nakuru national park the colors are just cute. Why called bee-eater, it’s a reference to their dietary preference of this birds they tend to take only aerial insects dominated by wasp and bees.

Egyptian Goose

The picture was taken in Nakuru national park the best place to view the water birds. Goose is and old English name given to water birds intermediate between ducks and swans.

Northern Ant-eater Chat

They resemble the sooty chat but the white on their flanks is only visible on flight while for the sooty the plumage Is more dark and a white perch visible on the flanks.Their name is a descriptive of the rendition of the call of some European chats

Grey Heron

That is the beauty of lake Naivasha the heron and the reeds on its surrounding. Their name is and old French name originating from Germany but the meaning is unclear.

Great Cormorant

The posture communicates something, it went up the tree to maintain its body temperature by exposing its self to the sun. And buy not opening the wings apart it will conserve the energy on its body.
Cormorant is a French name derived from Latin meaning see crow a reference to the voracious feeding habits.

Pelican Great white

One of the biggest water birds feeding on fish on the lakes of the rift valley, this picture was taken on a boat ride in lake Naivasha.
The name is Greek pelekan, itself derived from pelekus axe possible reference to the bill of this birds that looks like an axe.
Pied kingfisher

Pied because of the equal amount of black and white plumage on its body. while the family name is a reference to the fish-catching prowess riverine species although many of them don’t eat fish.


White winged Tern

Their long wings communicates that there are long distance migrants from Europe and you will find them in rift valley lakes in groups. The dark one in the middle is a breeding male.They were taking a ride on the lilies on the lake it was just more than beautiful to experience this moment. Their name comes from Latin sterna a name given to this birds.

African fish Eagle

It just landed very close to our boat then grabbing a fish by its feet it was a special experience while on a boat in Lake Naivasha Kenya.


Lilac Breasted Roller.
It’s one the most beautiful birds on the Savannah displaying several colors on flight, their name is a reference to the wild rocking side to side flights exhibited by the males as they dive down at speed in courtship display.

Yellow throated long claw

It’s also one the cute birds in the Savannah long grass making a cute sound, their name is a descriptive reference to the long claw on the back toe of the foot use to push grass down.

Kori bustard

Their number is going down, it’s the heaviest flying bird at about 19 kgs their numbers is slowly going down. among the big bustards they are common on the Savannah. Their name is derived from Latin avisturda meaning slow bird a possible reference to the deliberate giant.

Goliath Heron

The largest of the Herons always found in marshy and wet areas, photo taken in Masai Mara national park

Pin tailed whydah

They were formally named widow birds but their name come as an associate with a town in Benin by the name of whydah now called Oudidah

Tawny Eagle

Its first name comes from the colour of its plumage and the family name is from Latin Aquila meaning large bird of prey.

Grey Crowned Crane

Their name comes from and Old English name cran, a name given to these long-legged & long necked birds.
We have 3 types of pictures communicating different ideas. One a close by picture that shows you the beauty of this bird its face and dark blue eyes
The second one shows the wingspan long neck and legs and flying up close is just cool and thirdly they live in pairs and parental care practiced by all. Sexes are similar but the male is usually bigger in size than the female.

Sooty chat

A black cute bird found on the savannah grass land, photo taken in Masai Mara, this tells no bird will go uncounted on the wild while travelling with us.