This is a personal website showcasing my personal life and journey in the tourism and conservation industry.A journey of a thousands miles starts with a single step and this is my first step towards marking a change in the tourism and conservation industry.Am currently working with Sunword Safaris in Kenya and my dream and desire is to bring the level of guiding to their guest to greater levels and improve their experience.

Feel free to book with the company am working with and request my service for a safari of your life time.I have chosen wildlife photography to be part of me because of the personal love i have for Nature.My main aim is advocating for conservation through the voice of photography that i do publish on social media.

During Safaris i do use my Canon 60D and a 70-300mm lens on shooting. Am also a keen birder taking all records of birds in all destinations i visit country wide. I do this by the help of my Android phone in which i have and app called birdlasser, this will automatically add species in all places you visit by the help of google map. And at the end of the Safari, i do Mail all guest on Safari the list.Support me on my social media by liking and sharing my post.