Wildlife Portfolio Pictures & Their Stories


Giraffe in Action

They are the tallest land mammals but Elephants have the highest rich. Patience and knowing their behavior will enable you get the best of this pictures. We waited for him to cross the road in anticipation that it will go and browse on those balanitis trees you see at the back of the picture. And that was exactly what happen. By also the help of their long prehensile tongue. Despite their long neck they only have 7 vertebrae on the neck same as human beings.





Wildebeest migration just magical and dramatic.

Epic time in the Mara the urge to cross to the other side in search of short grass and greener pasture, will make this animals do anything so as to get to the other side Jumping above each other breaking their legs, swimming back for their young ones and young ones back to their mum is just magical.They wait and gather around crossing points, then wait for pressure to pile up before they start crossing.


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Scarface brother making a roar

One of the dominant males around mushiara and little governors’ areas around the marsh area. They do cross the river to and from since they have families both sides.It was early in the morning and this guy was busy looking for its pride members. The light was just magical and golden and the giant was on top of the mount.The roar was just magical and amazing to hear, the sound can travel up to 5 kilometers on a calm day. So just imagine yourself less than 5 meters from the king of the jungle.


Cheetah and jackal challenge

This family were busy feeding on the Impala kill, there were 3 silver backed Jackals at their back who were busy disturbing. Until one of the cheetahs got annoyed and said enough is enough and decided to chase one of them.The jackal was chased for about 30 meters and then the cheetah just decide to let go, what was funny is the kind of noise the jackal was making after and during the chase.I think it’s also a lesson in life to all those who like to mingle with people’s lives you may get a chase to.



Leopard on a tree

The big boy is on the tree, to cool, rest and avoid the day’s heat. The tree is actually their comfort zone as a few of other predators are not so good in tree climbing.

African Buffalo mud bath

Taking a mud bath so as to control ticks and also as a temperature controller. By covering all its body with mud , ticks will not have access to its skin and the ones already on the skin will be covered by mud and on the day of scrubbing it will get rid of them.In terms of temperature, the mud on the skin will reduce the amount of rays on the body by reflecting them back hence maintaining a constant body temperature.


Lioness cute facts

Its spots on the legs indicates that it is still growing. They can live 15 up to 20 years as oppose to male lions living a maximum of 12 years. Reason being the life of lioness is more active being the ones contacting most activities In the pride.


Lioness and young ones less than one month old

The young cubs are probably less than 3 weeks old and thats how the lioness will carry them from one place to another. it really helps in parasite control.


Cheetah story

In 2014 September they were 3 months old and were 6 of them plus their mum and this is a picture of them in January 2016 meaning they are 16 months old. Its only 3 months remaining before their mums  lives them to survive on their own.Soon all of them will go on separate ways males making a coalition and females separating but within the same territory. Males will keep wondering from place to place trying to establish themselves.Currently the mum is trying to gauge their ability on surviving on their own. So when she decide to live they will be capable of surviving on their own.

Zebras on the Savannah

The blue sky and the Savannah grassland, endless plains, and Zebras moving across the plains is just magical.They also migrate in search of good pasture and they are normally the first to arrive feeding on the grass and after clearing the top the wildebeest will come and clear the shorter grass remaining.